Directions For Double-Rolled Knitting

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To prepare the roving for double-rolled knitting, gently pull apart a segment of pencil roving that is of manageable lenght, about 8" to 10" long. Since only half of the pencil roving thickness is used at a time, split this roving segment in half lengthwise.

Insert the right needle into the stitch to be knit. The pencil roving goes under and then over the working yarn, creating a full loop of roving around the yarn. In the picture above, the roving has gone under the working yarn and is about to be brought over it. When this flip has been completed, take the working yarn and complete the knit stitch as usual. Note that only the yarn is used to knit the stitch, not the yarn and roving together. With each knit stitch wool roving is brought under and then flipped over the knitting yarn. A rhythm develops while knitting these mittens.

These flips of roving lay close to each other, side by side, row by row, creating a warm, smooth mitten lining.

These mittens are Double-Rolled Mittens from Flying Geese and Partridge Feet by Robin Hansen.