Pine Acres Woolstock Comforter Batts

A wool comforter or hand-tied quilt has the wonderful quality of
keeping one warm in winter yet cool in summer. By weight wool has
more air-trapping ability than any other fiber, giving wool-filled
quilts and comforters greater warmth on cold winter nights. Yet
wool breathes naturally, allowing air to circulate freely. It has
the ability to keep the skin dry, making a wool comforter cool in
summer. Wool is comfortable...a fact well known by our

A Pine Acres Woolstock comforter batt, pictured below, is
hand-washed and carded prime wool that is encased in a 100%
unbleached cotton muslin cover and hand-tied throughout. A lined
batt is ready to be sewn into a lovely handmade, hand-tied quilt
or is ready to slip into the duvet cover of your choice.

Two sizes of lined batts are available: twin and full/queen.
These two sizes accomodate most standard twin and full/queen
duvets on the market. If the lined batt is a little larger
than a given duvet size, the duvet appears full and plump. If
the lined batt is a little smaller than a given duvet size, a
smooth clean line is created with the duvet. Loop tabs are
sewed at the corners of the lined batt as well as along each side. These may be used to fasten the wool batt to the duvet cover, preventing shifting.

Lined Batts. Size and weight are approximate.
2.5 lbs wool
4.0 lbs wool

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