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Clouds. These wonderful, colorful webs of fluffy wool create unique,
surprising colorways as they mingle together. Starting from freshly washed
fleece, the wool is hand dyed into many colors and shades. The cloud carding
process then mingles many of the colors together and creates a blend of
rich heathers while maintaining the purity of some of the original colors.

Clouds are a joy to spin as the different colors reveal themselves. They may
be spun alone, or with other fibers and colors. Clouds also add surprise when
needle felting.

Sparkle is fun, but it is not practical for all projects.
These wool clouds give the option of adding glitz.

Each 3 oz of a particular cloud, while similar, is unique in the mingling of its colors.
These pictures and descriptions are as accurate as possible, considering the
variety and depth of colors in each cloud.

Acid dyes are used throughout. All wool has been rinsed many times after dying.
Colors may still bleed slightly, so testing can be done gently in cool water.

Click on a specific cloud for more views or to order.

Tutti Frutti
a rainbow of lively, lovely colors
Hotsy Totsy
showy shades of pinks
Plum Jam
deep shades of purples, blues
and magenta
Bluebird Song
soft blues and greens with
some warm sunshine
Twilight Blues
rich blend of deep blues, greens,
turquoise, and black
Lemon Lime Twist
Artistic mix of yellows and greens...
with splash
Ruby Doo
vibrant shades of red...
with pop

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