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With the drafting process for hanspinning almost complete, pencil roving, a very thin strip of unspun carded fiber, spins up quickly into yarn. Although pencil roving can be used for handspinning, it is much more fun to use while knitting. Pencil roving can be incorporated into a knit project as a construction technique, one that isn't mass produced by machine. The joy of using pencil roving is in its ability to create a warm, one-of-a-kind handcrafted treasure.

Thrum mittens have tufts of unspun fleece knit inside the mitten. The tufts show on the outside of the mitten as white dots. On the inside these tufts of fleece create a lining that is soft, fluffy and toasty warm. Click on one of the pictures above for directions on knitting with thrums using pencil roving.

The technique for double-rolled mittens is from Flying Geese & Partridge Feet by Robin Hansen. Segments of pencil roving are knit inside the mitten creating a thick, smooth lining of wool that closes up the air pockets of the knit fabric, making the resulting mitten incredibly, wonderfully warm. The wool roving peeks through on the outside of the mitten, giving these mittens a nubby, tweedy appearance. Click on one of the pictures above for directions on using the double-roll knitting technique.

The double-roll technique has been applied to this slipper pattern. The roving at the slipper top has been left free, creating a fleece cuff.

Pencil roving has a soft hand. The fine crimp in the wool makes it cohesive for use as a yarn. Projects knit up quickly using pencil roving with large needles. Being unspun, mittens and scarfs made from pencil roving are actually more air than fiber, creating a very warm, lofty fabric. Being completed quickly, these projects give instant gratification.

Our pencil roving is fine, soft-white wool.
Pattern and size determine quantity
of roving needed.
12 yards pencil roving
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36 yards pencil roving
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