Pine Acres Woolstock Pointe Lambs Wool

Lambs wool makes comfortable toe padding for pointe dancers.
The wool fibers breathe naturally, absorb and wick moisture away,
and the crimp of the wool fibers provides natural elasticity and
resiliency for a soft durable cushion. Pine Acres Woolstock's wool
can also be used as padding for medical purposes for diabetics, the
elderly, and runners. Pointe wool is available in two forms, either as a
center-pull ball or as a carded batt.

Wool from a center-pull ball is soft, fine, compact,
and very smooth. Being one long continuous band of wool,
one may conveniently pull off the desired
quantity as needed.

center-pull ball

2 oz pointe wool
center-pull ball
(at $3.50/oz)
6 oz pointe wool
center-pull ball
(at $2.75/oz)
12 oz pointe wool
center-pull ball
(at $2.25/oz)

Wool in a carded batt has loft and bounce. It comes
as a rectangular batt and is torn off as needed.

carded batt
12 oz pointe wool
carded batt
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